Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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Approximately half a million people call Sacramento their home. California’s capital city is the sixth largest in the state in terms of population. This isn’t surprising since it’s a great place to live in with an impressive cultural diversity and continued economic growth. There also several well-known universities and medical facilities around the area. The rivers that flow across the valley provide picturesque views. On the other hand, the ever increasing number of cars on the roads can cause several problems such as pollution and collisions. The latter is a real threat to public safety. If you were involved in one, you may go to for assistance.


Statistics on Sacramento Car Accidents

Every year, there are over three thousand fatalities recorded in the state according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. It’s a figure that motorists should keep in mind when they are driving. Experts advise them to be more defensive rather than aggressive to avoid collisions. Avoiding alcohol and drugs should also be standard as prescribed by law. Too many accidents have been caused by impairment from these substances. Vehicle occupants must use seatbelts to restrain themselves in their seats in case of a crash. Young drivers are particularly vulnerable compared to older ones and must take extra care.

In 2013, the OTS tallied a total of 2,128 victims who were either killed or injured in Sacramento vehicle collisions. Alcohol was involved in 290 of these cases, of which 161 were young drivers between the ages of 21 and 34. Eleven were minors. There were 77 incidents involving motorcycles and 193 involving bicyclists. About 163 pedestrians were unfortunately hit by cars on the streets. Of these collisions, 357 cases were speed related and could have been avoided had the drivers been moving slower. Almost two hundred cases occurred in the nighttime between 9pm and 3am. There were 169 cases of hit and run.

Types of Damages

The victims of car accidents are entitled by law to several types of damages. They can sue the at-fault driver to get just compensation for all of the injuries sustained from the crash. One of them is the medical expenses which can quickly rise to an astronomical amount. Those who are badly hurt will be rush to the emergency room where doctors will do their best to save their lives and limbs. It may take a while for their condition to stabilize. Full recovery will take even longer. Rehabilitation to regain mobility can go on for months especially if there are fractures and other complications.

While they are in the process of recovery, they will not be able to go to work and perform their usual duties. Some may not be able to practice their trade again due to their diminished physical abilities. For instance, construction workers who have lost a leg will find in difficult to go back to their job given its demands. They will have to develop other skills and change their career which is never easy. Victims can sue for actual lost earnings as they wait to heal. They can also collect lost potential earnings in the future. After all, it isn’t right for them and their family to suffer financially because of the incident.


Property damage will also be compensated. The level of impact will have a big influence on the extent of the damage. Some cars can be driven off with barely a scratch. Others are completely wrecked and will have to be replaced. Most will require repairs in order to be roadworthy again. The cost is fairly easy to assess after taking the vehicle to a reputable mechanic. Damages for pain and suffering, however, is a lot more difficult to put a number on. There are certain guidelines including maximum amounts to regular this. Knowledge of similar cases and the damages awarded is invaluable.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

Obtaining the services of a Sacramento car accident lawyer is a must if you are planning to take the fight to court. Cases like these often turn into a blame game where the parties point to each other as being the one at fault for the crash. Victims must prove that the other motorist is the one who is responsible through irrefutable evidence and unassailable witness testimonies. Lawyers know exactly how to do this, especially those who have been practicing in the field of personal injury for decades. They will help you in gathering evidence and using legal tactics that will lead to a win.

Aside from this, lawyers will also do everything that they can to ensure that their clients receive just compensation as prescribed by law. After all, a win may be empty if they do not actually receive enough money to compensate for the expenses they incurred due to the accident, as well as they income that has been lost in the process. It is important for victims to get checked by a medical professional right after a crash whether they were gravely affected or not. There are some issues that may not be visible but can actually lead to serious issues if left undetected. This will also ensure that all injuries are properly documented.

Don’t just get any lawyer. Make sure that you get an experienced Sacramento-car-accident-lawyer to help you sue for damages. You need a legal eagle that is familiar with the state’s laws pertaining to vehicle collisions. It should be someone who has already taken on similar cases in the past and has demonstrated great success. Set up an initial consultation with a few of the most reputable firms in the city to get a feel for their service. This first meeting is usually offered for free so you have nothing to lose. Ask them all of your questions regarding the case and choose wisely.